Who is it for?

  • If you give advice to your clients;
  • If you handle confidential information;
  • If you use copyright material or intellectual property belonging to others;
  • If a professional body you work with requests PI Insurance as compulsory;
  • If you provide a professional, advisory service;
  • If a claim or allegation can be made against your business;

Getting the right cover for your business is vital. 

Businesses that give advice face many risks and without the right policy you and your business could be at risk, if the worst were to happen. 

Prestige Insurance Brokers can provide you with the appropriate level of cover you need to protect your business and your reputation. 

It is necessary for any business to have Professional Indemnity insurance no matter how small or large you may be and especially if you are involved with a business that provides services or professional advice to clients, such as architects, accountants, solicitors and consultants, or those in the maintenance and transport fields. 

Working with our expert team will allow you to concentrate on looking after your business, safe in the knowledge that you’re protected. We work hard to understand your needs, and then search our huge panel of providers to find you the right cover, at the right price.

Why should you consider it?

Professional Indemnity Insurance can protect you against compensation claims made against your business arising from:

• The dishonesty of your employees, partners or directors
• Unintentional intellectual property theft, or false attribution of authority
• Misrepresentation or poor advice
• Negligence (or breaches of duty of care), errors and omissions
• Breaches of confidentiality
• The loss of documents or data
• Unknowing trademark or copyright infringements

Paying to correct a mistake made or defending when the quality of your work is questioned, could put your company out of business without the right protection in place and adding enormous cost to your business by paying legal expenses from the own budget.  

If a claim or allegation is made against your business, Professional Indemnity Insurance covers the cost of your legal defence and any damages awarded you need to pay to put things right, up to the cover level you choose.

• Covers legal expenses, damages and compensation
• May be required for regulatory or contractual compliance
• Provides financial protection for your business even in the event of an invalid claim
• Minimises disruption to your business in the event of a claim against your business.
• Enhances your business reputation as a professional firm.
• Gives peace of mind security.