High Net- Worth insurance

High net-worth individuals or businesses have unique insurance needs due to substantial assets and complex financial situations. It’s important to work with experienced insurance specialist like us. We can help assess risks and ensure adequate cover across all areas of wealth and lifestyle.

  • We can evaluate your current covers and policy limits
  • Recommend covers to adequately protect your business
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  • Advice on cost-saving strategies
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  • Owners of High-Value Homes: If you own a residence with a high rebuild or replacement cost, typically exceeding a certain threshold, you may be eligible for high net-worth home insurance. This type of insurance can cover your property, including high-value art, antiques, and other valuables within the home.
  • Valuable Art and Collectibles: High net-worth individuals often have valuable art collections, antique furniture, rare collectibles, and valuable jewellery. Specialised insurance can be obtained to protect these assets against loss, theft, or damage.
  • Luxury Transport : High-end cars, classic cars, and other luxury transport such as planes, boats can be insured through high net-worth vehicle insurance policies. These policies often provide cover for the full value of the vehicle or and may offer additional benefits such as agreed-upon value cover.
  • Fine Wine and Wine Collections: If you have an extensive wine collection, you can obtain insurance cover to protect your investment in case of damage or loss.
  • High-Value Jewelry and Watches: Valuable jewelry, watches, and other personal accessories can be insured separately or as part of a broader high net-worth insurance package.
  • Second Homes and Vacation Properties: If you own multiple properties, especially luxury vacation homes or properties abroad, you may want to insure them with policies designed for high net-worth individuals.

insurance optionS FOR HIGH NET-WORTH:

High value Property Insurance

High-value homes, vacation properties, and other real estate assets require specialised property insurance cover. This may include cover for the physical structure, valuable items like art and jewellery, and additional protection such as flood or earthquake insurance.

Personal Liability Insurance

With substantial assets, high net-worth individuals face a higher risk of being targeted with liability claims. Liability insurance policies, such as excess liability this provides additional cover above the limits of primary policies like home or vehicle insurance.

Extra Layer Liability Insurance

This policy provides an extra layer of liability protection that goes beyond the limits of home, vehicle, or other primary insurance policies. It helps protect against major liability claims, lawsuits, or catastrophic events that could exhaust the limits of standard insurance policies.

Fine Art and Collectibles Insurance

High net-worth individuals often possess valuable art collections, antique furniture, rare wines, or other collectibles. These assets require specialised insurance cover to protect against damage, theft, or loss.

High-Value Vehicle Insurance

Luxury cars, classic automobiles, and high-performance vehicles require specialised cover due to their higher values. High net-worth individuals may need insurance that provides comprehensive cover, including agreed value cover, customised repair options, and cover for collectible or vintage vehicles.

Private Aviation Insurance

High net-worth individuals who own or frequently use private aircraft need specialised aviation insurance. This cover may include liability protection, hull insurance for the aircraft, passenger liability, and cover for hangars and other associated risks.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

If high net-worth individuals serve on corporate boards or hold executive positions, they may require D&O insurance to protect themselves against legal actions and claims arising from their professional duties and decisions.

Event Insurance

if hosting events such as fundraisers, workshops, concerts, or sports activities. Event insurance provides coverage for potential liabilities, accidents, property damage, or event cancellations. It may also include cover for event organisers and volunteers.

Cyber security Insurance

 With the increasing threat of cyber crime, high net-worth individuals may need insurance coverage that helps protect against cyber risks, including data breaches, identity theft, and cyber extortion.

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance

Executives and high-profile individuals may require specialised insurance cover to protect against the risk of kidnapping, extortion, or other security-related incidents.

Travel Insurance

 High net-worth individuals frequently travel for leisure or business. Comprehensive travel insurance can cover unexpected events such as trip cancellations, medical emergencies, and lost luggage. Some policies also offer concierge services.

Private medical insurance

High net-worth individuals often prefer private medical insurance to access premium healthcare services, including faster access to specialists and private hospital care.

Legal Expenses Insurance

This type of insurance can cover legal fees in case of disputes, lawsuits, or other legal challenges.

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